Sure Start is one of Feeding Africa's program which provides a range of support services for young adults between the age of 13 years and 19 years, who live in disadvantaged areas across the Africa. It aims to support and to give the young adults who one way or the other missed the solid foundation in the beginning of their life.

How can Sure Start help?

Sure Start projects deliver a wide variety of programs to young adults of age 13 - 19 years to support their education/learning skills, health and well-being, and social and emotional development.

The aims of Sure Start are to complement the work of existing services that Feeding Africa is giving and to provide young adults with advice on where to go and who to speak to, if they have more specialized needs or difficulties.

The ongoing support that Sure Start provides can help to ensure that young adults flourish.

Sure Start aims to improve the:
ability to learn
social development

of the young adults that use its services.

What services does Sure Start offer?

The services that Sure Start provides are based on the needs of each individual young adult and what services already exist in their community.

Sure Start project works with the young adult along with their parents as well as statutory agencies and community-based organizations in their area, to design and deliver a range of services that best described to meet their need.

However, there are five services that must be provided to all Sure Start applicants. These are:

home based support for those families who could benefit from Sure Start
support to parents and the applicant
healthcare and advice from local healthcare professionals.
support for good quality activities, learning, education
support for young adult in the community and recognizing that they all have different need and entitle to good benefit.