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Thank you for your support

Raising funds for Feeding Africa can be rewarding, fun and an excellent chance to get creative and sociable

Invest in Future

This is an initiative that unites the financial services industry with the aim of helping disadvantaged young people become economically active.

Celebrity / Ambassador

We require some fantastic Celebrity Ambassadors who will be committed to helping us raise awareness of the work we do with children and young people.

Membership Organization

Feeding Africa has been operating for years on a single handed basis. We have supported many children from elementary to higher Institution. Our project is currently operating in Nigeria and Republic of Benin. We would welcome members from different background regardless of their political complexion; share a common concern for the welfare and rights of children throughout the world. Feeding Africa promotes the provisions of the convention on the Rights of the Child and asks its entire member to promote this locally

Why Fundraise?

Why fundraise for Feeding Africa? Your contribution can help changes the lives of children and the young people. We need to raise fund every year in order to expand our work.
Difficult times for young people: In the current economic climate where the job market is becoming increasingly competitive, we have seen more young people turning to NGO/Charity for help than ever before.

Giving the children and the young people a fair chance. We believe that all children and young people deserve to be nurtured, cared for, supported and given the chance to succeed. Sadly, hundreds of millions of children and young people in the world aren’t given this chance and face daily struggles that can seem insurmountable.

We believe that, with the right support, all children and the young people can find the confidence, strength and skills that will help them realise their potential. That’s why Feeding Africa exists. We believe that every children and young person are created for a special purpose and they have great potential. We can see it, even if they can’t. Thanks to support from people like you. We couldn’t have done this without the help of fundraisers like you.

Fundraising ideas for busy people

When you're busy it can be hard to find the time for fundraising. Here are some quick ways you can get involved.

Fundraise at work

Capture your colleagues' imagination then get them to empty their pockets.

Fundraising classics

Old school ideas for fundraising that everyone is familiar with

Fundraise at school

There are loads of ways to get people involved at school

Get competitive

Find your most competitive mates and set them some challenges.

Get Active

Organise a sport event in aid of Feeding Africa such as football, cricket, hockey, rugby, which ever sport you have a passion for.


Why choose Feeding Africa?

Feeding Africa is a unique project, with a commercial and independent approach. We know that every company is unique too, so we work closely with our partners to tailor lasting partnerships that deliver impressive results.
Our partners make a huge contribution to the lives of the children and the young people in Africa. Want to bring your company on board?

Contact our corporate team or find out more below.

Become a partner

We will work with you to develop activities to involve and motivate your staff and customers. Contact us for more information

Cause related marketing

Working with us on a cause related marketing campaign is a simple and effective way of differentiating your product and increasing sales and customer loyalty. Contact us - we have a wealth of experience to make your cause related marketing campaign a success

Industry leadership groups

Our leadership groups are unique networking forums for industry leading companies and individuals who want to make a real difference to the lives of children and young people in the World.
We have leadership groups covering the retail, construction, technology, internet and media, health and beauty and insurance industries, whilst there is also the option of joining a regional group.

Find out more about Feeding Africa leadership groups

Sponsorship and events

Why not sponsor an event? Big, innovative fundraising events are our speciality - prime opportunities for sponsorship and corporate hospitality are always available.

Leave a legacy

Leaving a legacy make your support continues for years to come

Single Gift

Or, make a secure online gift and help a vulnerable young person work towards a better future. No amount is too small

Give As You Live

Shop online and raise funds for Feeding Africa at the same time - at no extra cost to you.