We Need To Remember That They Have Life To Live.

Many people have been arrested for child abuse / trafficking / rituals.

I have been to some orphanage, seeing the good work people are doing there but there is little help coming from the government.

People just believe in their own selfishness and self-centre way of life.  They tend to forget that some children are suffering.  They need our Help to build up Their Hope.

We should not ignore them. Let’s Invest In Them Today so that they may be useful to the World Tomorrow. They are our Future Leaders.

They are ready to learn, we need to bring them to light:

Get them into school
Give them sound education
Look after their health
Direct them to the right path
Care about them.

Deliver Our CHildren

Many children are suffering all over the world, they have been denied of their rights, many parents have sold their children for money or food.

They have put bondage on their children, denied them of freedom, and not enjoying the real benefit of parental care.

Some children have entered into labour work, such as factory worker, house-maid while some have been pushed out to hawk on the street.

Many of these children have suffered serious abuse in the hand of the people they worked for, such as raping, beaten up unnecessarily, starving and even facing spiritual attacks.

Some of those that were raped could not say it out and some who are abused could not shout.

Some girls are being forced into marriages, they have been denied of education.


They Need Your Support

Let’s help the generation to come through them, they are stars, we should not allow anything to bury their future/destiny.

Let’s share our resources with these children and remember that the only way to better living is through education.

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Our Tommorow's Leader

Let’s think of it, the children of age 5-7 years could become a graduate at age 20-23 years.

Age 14-19 years are perfect to be educated while 20-30 years are matured to give into education and begin to learn and gain what they have lost in the past.

31+ are not too old to become a graduate and start to rule the world.
A 70 year old man went back to University to pursue his PhD doctorate and was successful.

Let’s share part of our income to train our great future leaders.

Educated people can pass on their knowledge skills to the next generation, to help to continue the fight against poverty.

About 125 million school age children worldwide do not go to school. Please let’s all come together to give hope to these children, let’s get them educated, let’s care for them.

Let’s make their future reality. Otherwise, the world is in trouble.

Let’s get these children trained in order to provide a better standard of living for themselves and their families.