FA Program

Feeding Africa sets up the food bank network to meet the challenges of affordable, healthy and nutritional food for those on low or no income.
People will not just have access to food, but to healthy food, education/training and empowerment
such as skill learning and formation of Young Farmers Club network.
Under our educational sponsorship, we educate from elementary to Higher Institution
Our Empowerment involve Skill / Training such as Fashion Designing, Hairdressing, Make-Up Artist, Computer Literate, Radio / TV Technician
We also set up Young Farmers club to encourage our youth to be involve Agriculture. This program will allow our youths to be able to plant, breed and harvest to feed themselves and also support the Family on the Feeding Africa list.
They will directly distribute healthier food to people in need most especially Fresh vegetables
This can be made possible with the implementation of Feeding Africa Farm to Foodbank family program. The produce will consists of a variety of fruits and vegetables that FA will acquires from the YFC growers and packers at no or very low cost.
The increased availability of produce will allow food banks to provide healthier foods to their clients and will put Africa on the cutting edge of healthy food banking.

Nutrition Education

Providing nutrition education along with the healthier foods: New foods often need promotion, provision of handling and preparation information,such as culturally-appropriate recipes, in order for people to meaningfully integrate them into their diet. FA alongside every food banks will
provide nutrition education to both clients and to agency staff distributing food in order to strengthen their healthy food distribution efforts.

Policy & Advocacy

Advocating for policies that increase no/ low-income people’s access to healthy food: Feeding Africa and its food banks will be among the first in the nation to include policy and advocacy work as a core of their anti-hunger efforts. Then, Feeding Africa and Foodbank member and agencies will advocate at the Federal,
States, and local levels to improve anti-hunger and nutrition programs. Several people will participate
and even lead local nutrition policy coalitions. This will lead to the expansion of advocacy with the federal and state budget processes which will affect funding for health and human services programs positively and make a vital change to many no/low income Africans.

Feeding Africa will assists our partners in efforts to strengthen this work by providing venues to communicate with policy makers and offering leadership in strategy and message development.

Across the nations, food banks will begin to undertake some of these activities, to some degree, in response to increasing interest in healthy foods from many quarters, including clients, agencies, board members, and funders.
However, there remains tremendous opportunity to articulate and advance a more systemic and systematic change in food banking. Feeding Africa stands poised to lead African in this work
and invites you to join us.
For more information about Feeding Africa and our efforts, go to http://www.feedingafrica.org.